Monday, November 26, 2012

What Does Natural Depression Treatment Involve?

Many patients who suffer from depression are a bit suspicious about natural depression treatment.
They think its smacks too much of alternative medicine and they are not sure about it. This is mainly because our mindset has been brainwashed into accepting a pharmacological and or psychiatric approach to this type of mental disorder. We have a blinkered approach but let us try and open our minds to other possibilities.
Many depressed patients take anti depressants (Paxil, Celeza, Luvox and Zoloft ) which is fine for most of them, although some may have trouble with the side effects. The problem is that many of these patients do not make any lifestyle changes at all and they begin to become addicted and dependent on the prescription drugs for depression. I know some friends who have been on these drugs for years. This is fine for the pharmaceutical companies but the patients themselves are not making any progress at all towards a definitive cure. This is simply because they have never looked at a natural depression treatment either as an adjunct to their medication or as a totally new approach to an alternative cure.
What could be more natural than changing your diet? Avoiding alcohol in excessive quantities is essential as it is a depressant itself in the long term. Other patients opt for Vitamin B12 and B6 supplements because these have been found to help lift your mood. Then there are the famous fatty acids (Omega 3) which are found in fish oils and some types of fish. These do have a definite impact on your mood. In addition, you may be taking anti depressants for depression caused by an eating disorder so extra care should be taken with diet. Remember that some of the medications will cause weight gain so you will need expert help here, if you have this problem. Dietary changes are the one of the best natural depression remedies available.
If you decide to opt for herbal treatment, make sure you ask your doctor first as these do not mix well with the anti depressants so you want to make sure it is safe for you. A very good quality St.John's Wort herbal treatment can be not only effective in mild depression but may also help with severe depression. Other herbs such as Kava, camomile and gingko have been found to be effective as a a natural depression treatment
Perhaps the best natural depression treatment is having a support network of friends who will call you and also stimulate you to do things with them. They are also there to help and support you. Making sure that they call you or that you call them as a daily commitment, can help to give shape to your day and your routine. Friends like these are priceless and it has been shown that people with such strong networks in place suffer less from depression. This is the one of the best natural depression remedies around.

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